How To Lose Weight Fast and Effectively

You may be thinking to yourself who is this guy and why should i trust what he says? well i’ll give you a few reasons. First of all I have successfully lost 50 pounds over the course of 6 months and turned my body composition from fat to muscle. I have also started personal training at a few gyms and I have 15 consistent clients.
Now the most IMPORTANT thing about losing weight is knowing you cant just starve yourself and except to lose a bunch of weight fast.
If you follow my tips I promise you will lose weight effectively and healthfully.
STEP 1: When you are first starting don’t just go straight into a strict diet. You need to ease yourself in. The reason you want to ease in from eating fast food and candy is because if you go straight into a strict diet you will crave the unhealthy food even more after a few meals on your new diet plan. Trust me I have learned from experience.
When I say ease into a diet I don’t mean take a month to change. What I did was each few days I would cut out one unhealthy thing I would eat regularly such as a cheeseburger and I would replace it with something healthy such as chicken breast. I did that every few days and after a few weeks my diet got underway.
STEP 2: Eating a healthy breakfast is essential to losing weight quickly. I suggest a few eggs, a serving of old fashioned oats, and some fruits and/or vegetables you like. Trust me if you get in a habit of doing this everyday you will see results very quickly. I mean I lost 5 pounds in the first few weeks just from this.
The types of meats you eat plays a huge factor on losing weight. The best fat to lean ration I use and that worked effectively is 80% lean and 20% fat. This is the best ratio because even when you want to lose weight you still need some kind of fats to stay healthy during all the weight you lose but also there is 80% lean meat which is the healthiest meat you can get.
STEP 3: Cardio!!!! I know most of you don’t like that word and I don’t either, but it is something that has to be done. Cardio can be done in so many ways other than running. For example, you can shoot around on the basketball court, swimming, jump roping, and riding your bicycle the list goes on and on. I will tell you exactly what I did to make cardio not as terrible as people make it to be.
Week 1 I Start off with walking around my neighborhood in the morning or after work. Week 2 is when i started jogging in my neighborhood or on a treadmill at my gym. Now don’t go too fast, you need to start off with a slow jog for about 5 minute intervals and for 5 sets. take about 2-3 minutes rest between sets. Interval training will help you burn as many calories as possible. Each few days I would throw in some fun way to do cardio just to change it up.
Once you start doing cardio for about 1 month consistently you will see huge changes in your cardiovascular and weight. Just remember if you really want to lose weight you need to do cardio and stay on your diet! If I can do it you can do it.
STEP 4: Once you start seeing results you will fall in love with working out. Once your mind sees good result your body will want to workout and destroy every workout you do! There is a reason you are reading this and trust me this will change your lifestyle for the better in almost every way imaginable.
After eating healthy food for the last six months my skin has cleared up all the acne due to the grease from the unhealthy food I was eating. I am now more energetic and don’t feel self conscious anymore. People have started to compliment me on how I look and it feels so good that my hard work payed off.
I’m going to leave you with this message: Only you can change your life, no one can do it for you. Go out and achieve you weight loss goal! Even if no one believes in you, prove to them they are wrong and put in the work! I wish you luck in your fitness journey, and promise me one thing NEVER QUIT.